Awakening The Heartist Within

“Heart of Luminous Darkness” JW 2002

Art as a Celebration of the Heart!

      “God is a circle of which the center is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere...”


Mandala means sacred circle  in Sanskrit.  Mandalas are visionary tools for meditation in many cultures including Hindu, Buddhist, and Navajo. Psychologically, circles provide a supportive space for transformation and individuation. They represent healing and wholeness.

Effortlessly manifest your own radiant mandala thru a visionary process

combining meditation, movement, ritual, sacred sound & simple drawing techniques.

Prior drawing experience is not necessary, only OPEN HEARTedness!  Limited to 8

WHEN: Sunday March 8  630-9pm & Tuesday March 10 630-9pm

WHERE: In Chelsea, the heart of Manhattan!                                  ..

COST: Suggested donation  $22-44 plus  $3-15 materials.( black/white or full color palette )scholarships avail.10% discount for returning students, or if you sign up with a friend!


Open to your innate creative potential; enliven your senses and embody your natural state of delight.

Release self-limiting patterns and beliefs.  Access new levels of intuitive guidance.

In the intimacy of a small group, you will receive and allow your own unique luminous vision to manifest on black paper with white and colored pencils.

All spiritual traditions honored.

Rest in the Heart and celebrate the presence of our communal resonance.

Enjoy heart-centered play and inner peace!


Julia Weaver, MFT, BFA, CMT While swimming off the Kona coast in 1996, Julia had a mystical experience where she spontaneously received mandala images, which took her artwork into deeper dimensions of healing and spiritual practice. Since 1996, she has offered mandala workshops for adults and children in her studio in the San Francisco Bay area and across the US, as well as dolphin swims retreats in Hawaii. Her adult workshops were featured in New Age Journal (Her 30 years of expressive arts, movement and spiritual practice include Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Navajo, Shamanic and Sufi traditions, along with Body practices; Continuum. Sensory Awareness, 5 Rhythms & Soul Motion. (More bio info on my website...)


Cher Elyse Carden BFA, M.Ed., C.T.  is a multitalented spiritual healer, singer, artist and educator who offers assistance to health enthusiasts through a variety of services.  Cher is an ordained minister who holds a bachelors in Fine Arts, a Masters in Counseling and has various certifications in live food preparation, essential oil therapy, and colon therapy.   Her nurturing spirit provides a safe haven for her clients to discover and explore their abilities to heal and integrate their creative abilities into their daily lives.  Please see her website




*Highly recommended reading,

Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing, Judith Cornell,

Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti

Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien, Ph.D


Payable by credit card or check For more information contact Julia@ or  @ (415) 455-5989  Please see her website